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This is Your Chance to Become Fluent in English and Take Your Communications Skills to the Next Level. Personalised Lessons Created with Your Goal in Mind. Book a Lesson NOW to Guarantee Your Place.

I’m a professional English Teacher from the UK, both CELTA and TEFL Certified. I’ve been a teacher for over 15 years and I have a passion to see my students go further with my lessons. Nothing would please me more than to hear you did well in your IELTS exam thanks to my classes.

Why should you study with me?

Besides being a dedicated professional teacher, I can give you insights into English culture and teach you idiomatic expressions that will make you sound natural and more like a native.

In Your Professional Lessons You’re Guaranteed to Have:

01. Personalised Lessons with Authentic and Customised Material.
02. Feedback in Every Lesson so You Know which Areas You Need to Work on.
03. Hints and Tips on How to Study for International Exams like the IELTS.
04. Cultural Information that You Can Only Learn from a Native.
05. information on How to Become an Independent Learner.
06. Lessons to Improve the Skills You Need to Develop and Improve your English Overall.

*** All Your Lessons will Focus on Improving Your Speaking and Pronunciation Skills ***

Plus Fun Lessons and Lots of Opportunities to Practice Your English Skills!

I will coach and support you every step of the way to become fully competent and confident to communicate in English.

After we've established your level of English, we will discuss your needs and expectations, and I’ll show you how my teaching expertise can help you become the best English speaker you can be.

Book a lesson NOW, so we can discuss your needs and start the lessons that will make a real difference in your life and career.

"A teacher is one who makes himself progressively unnecessary."
Thomas Carruthers
Educational Theorist


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British English
Adults (18+)
Learning Materials
Lesson Plans
Reading Exercises
Writing Exercises
Accent Reduction
Business English
Colloquial English
Grammar Development
Interview Preparation
Listening Comprehension
Reading Comprehension
Speaking Practice
Vocabulary Development
Writing Correction



Professional Online English Teacher
MW English Services - Sao Paulo, Brazil
⇉ ACHIEVEMENTS ↪ I have taught over 500 classes online to over 60 students of different nationalities. ↪ I have developed teaching practices around the student’s individual needs and learning preferences. ↪ I create my own material for the lessons based on each student’s interests and learning goal. ↪ I have helped many students succeed in their IELTS and other Cambridge exams. ↪ I created a system that allows the student to keep track of their learning goals and achievements.
English Language Immersion Programme Teacher
EF English First I EF English Live (Englishtown) - Sao Paulo, Brazil
⇉ ACHIEVEMENTS ↪ I help students to practice their English and develop confidence in social environments. ↪ English Live I Englishtown: I’m part of a successful team of teachers that create a fun and safe environment so that students from online courses can develop their skills and confidence when interacting with native speakers from different English speaking countries. ↪ EF English First: in an English immersion event I coordinated the winning team of students who were invited to an Olympic football match.
Voice Over Actor (Locução em Inglês Britânico)
Freelance Voice-Over Talent - Sao Paulo, Brazil
2015 - 2018
English Language Immersion Programme Coordinator
LivEnglish Imersão em Inglês no Final de Semana - Sao Paulo, Brazil
⇉ ACHIEVEMENTS ↪ I coordinate a group of native and non-native English teachers during the four-day immersions. ↪ I have helped over 700 students to become more confident when speaking to native English speakers. ↪ I create games and lessons for students to learn in a more enjoyable and fun atmosphere. ↪ I train students to become confident when speaking English in both professional and social environments.
2014 - 2017
In-Company English Language Teacher
Freelance Professional - Sao Paulo, Brazil
⇉ ACHIEVEMENTS ↪ I taught professionals from a variety of backgrounds - e.g., lawyers, physicians, executives, CEOs, etc. ↪ I became familiar with a number of English course books and adapted the lessons to suit each of my student’s needs. ↪ I discovered new things about every business I taught in. I learned a lot about each of my students’ work. ↪ I learned how to get around the city of São Paulo on my own through teaching in many different locations.
2014 - 2016
English Language Teacher
Speak Up Idiomas - Sao Paulo, Brazil
⇉ ACHIEVEMENTS ↪ I conducted mock Cambridge tests, which gave me the opportunity to learn about examination procedures and the students’ difficulties. ↪ I taught a variety of groups from elementary to advanced level: ↠ teenagers from a variety of backgrounds and learning experiences, ↠ classes with the use of an interactive whiteboard using MacMillan software, ↠ fluency lessons to students from mixed levels.
2010 - 2014
Workshop Supervisor
Wheelies Direct Ltd. - Swansea, UK
⇉ ACHIEVEMENTS ↪ I became competent in managing and I attained an NVQ in team leadership. ↪ I ensured that figures were met, or exceeded, on a daily basis by my department. ↪ I kept the workshop up to a high standard to maintain a professional working environment by ordering any equipment required and ensuring that health and safety policies were being practised at all times. ↪ I relayed orders from higher ranks to my department and ensured that they were carried out. ↪ I motivated staff to work well and involved them in the decision-making process. ↪ I became an accredited fire warden.
2004 - 2014
Bicycle Technician Training Officer
Wheelies Direct Ltd. - Swansea, UK
⇉ ACHIEVEMENTS ↪ I trained, and continually aided, over 50 people how to build bicycles professionally. ↪ I prepared over 20 people to achieve various professional certifications in bicycle maintenance. ↪ I visited other branches to set up their workshops and train the staff in the practices of the company. ↪ I was the main person involved in setting up the new workshop for the main headquarters, where I worked. ↪ I designed a variety of material to aid in the learning process and daily running of the workshop, such as diagrams, checklists, instruction sheets, etc.


2016 - 2016
CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults)
Cambridge University ESOL
International recognised certificate for teachers of English as a Second or Foreign Language with a student centred approach.
2014 - 2015
TEFL Methodology (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)
TEFL Scotland Ltd. - Swansea, UK
→ 120 Hour Online Course focus on grammar and methodology → 20 Hour Weekend Course focus on classroom activities
2010 - 2012
NVQ Level 2 Certificate in Team Leading
ILM Institute of Leadership & Management - Swansea, UK
A National Vocational Qualification based around the correct practices of leadership and management covering a variety of modules such as: → Manage personal development → Develop working relationships with colleagues → Communicating information and knowledge → Participating in meetings, planning, allocating and monitoring work of a team, etc.
2009 - 2009
Cytech Technical Three
Association of Cycle Traders - Swansea, UK
Cytech technical three is the highest attainable qualification in professional cycle maintenance in the UK. Covers complex service procedures such as: → Suspension systems → Hydraulic brakes → Wheel building for disc brakes → Complex bike building, both MTB and road, etc.
2001 - 2003
NVQ Level 2 Engineering Maintenance
EMTA Awards Limited - Swansea, UK
A National, Vocational Qualification based around the aspects of safe and professional engineering practices. Proving the ability to disassemble, repair or replace, and reassemble engineering assets in accordance with the required specifications.