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Hello! My name is Yulia. I’m a native speaker Russian speaker. In my spare time I also enjoy reading and painting. Aside from my teaching schedule, I also enjoy exploring new language learning material to improve the support I can provide to my students, and my own language learning goals (in English). Being a language teacher is rewarding to me, and I am looking to make this a profession. So, I am always open to new ideas from students that could help me grow and be more effective as a teacher.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Philology, from Ukraine. So, I too have been in your position through my university, and can empathize with your language learning needs, and challenges. Incidentally, my first teaching experience was for children with various special needs. Making a difference to the lives of those children was very rewarding, and motivated my pursuit to teach the Russian language. I have a patient and calm nature, and will provide you a comfortable learning environment.

I will try to provide you with an immersive learning environment to help you with both passive and active learning. I try to support the learning needs of my students in whatever way works best for them; using illustrations, worksheets, audio recordings, conversational immersion, common social interactions, pronunciation practice, homework assignments etc. And I would like us to work as a team to reach your goals. So, my only requirement from you is that you are sincere and motivated to learn.

If you don't see availability on my calendar for the times that you need, just send me a note and let me know what times wrk for you. And if I can accommodate your needs I will certainly let you know.




2010 - 2015
Philology (foreign languages)
Mariupol State University - Mariupol
specialization in foreign languages and literature


Russian tutor
Preply - Kiev, Ukraine
Russian tutor for all levels adults and children
2015 - 2016
Russian teacher in school for special needs children
Secondary school № 52 - Mariupol, Ukraine
Russian and general subject teacher