verbal noun or gerund

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In this exercise I had to explain whether “-ing” form is a gerund or a verbal noun. I've written my answers in the brackets. I tried really hard to do this exercise correctly. In some cases I have doubts about choosing the correct option. Have I done it correctly? Could you check that please?

Ex. 26. (A, B). Find the sentences in which: a) “-ing” form is a gerund, b) a verbal noun. 1. You should think before speaking. (speaking - gerund) 2. After finding the new word in the dictionary, I wrote it down and went on reading. (finding – gerund, reading – gerund) 3. He spent much time on the copying of his literature lectures. (the copying – verbal noun) 4. What do you mean by saying that? (saying - gerund) 5. The students found the reading of English newspapers rather difficult at first. (the reading – verbal noun) 6. Instead of going home after school, the girls went for a walk. (going - gerund) 7. Chalk is used for writing on the blackboard. (writing - gerund) 8. We sat by the river-side listening to the running of the water. (running) – verbal noun
9. The cleaning of the room was done by the girls. (The cleaning – verbal noun) 10. Working in the garden is very good for the health of people. (Working - gerund) 11. I stopped knocking at the door and began waiting for my father to come. (knocking, waiting - gerunds) 12. She praised herself for having come. (having come - gerund) 13. The child stopped crying and quieted down to hard thinking. (crying – gerund, thinking – verbal noun) 14. The old clock kept ticking on the mantelpiece, as if counting the seconds left before the coming of daylight. (ticking –gerund, the coming

verbal noun


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