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Introducing: Verbling Vocabulary

2 年前
Based on your feedback and requests, we’ve upgraded and improved how you study vocabulary on Verbling! Here's what's new:

The Name

The term “flashcards” doesn’t translate very well across languages, so to make things simpler and clearer for all Verbling students and teachers, we’ve changed the name to “Vocabulary”. You can access your Vocabulary on your Dashboard here:


Rather than studying one long list of Vocabulary words, you can now group words by topic, teacher, or however you’d like. These groups are called decks.

Not only can you create decks for yourself, but your teacher can send you decks as well. You can also make your decks public (they are private by default) so that other learners on Verbling may use them to study.

You can click on "Explore Decks", where you'll see featured decks, trending decks, your teachers’ decks, and you’ll be able to search all public decks on Verbling.

Adding Vocabulary

When you add vocabulary words to a deck, you can now add a photo to your vocabulary card as well as a voice recording.

You can also toggle over to “Cards” to view your words in flippable card form rather than list form.

The Reviewer

You’ll notice that your decks are automatically “chunked” into groups of 5 words, called Exercises. Click the “Start Exercise” button to complete the exercise in the reviewer.

If you prefer to use the old, simple, front/back card flip reviewer, you can still access it by clicking More > Flashcard Review

What happened to my old flashcards?

Don't worry, they are still there! All of your old flashcards will be shown in a single deck called My Vocabulary, which you will find under My Decks.

You can create a new deck from your existing My Vocabulary deck by clicking the checkbox to the left of each word and then clicking the “Create Deck” button that appears at the top of the screen.

Can I use the Verbling Vocabulary feature on mobile?

Yes, Verbling Vocabulary works on mobile web. You can go to the Verbling website using the web browser on your mobile device, and you can access Vocabulary just the way you would on a laptop or desktop, via the browser. Verbling Vocabulary is not yet available on Verbling’s mobile app, however.

For more, please this help article in our Help Center: https://support.verbling.com/for-students/what-is-verbling-vocabulary