Idiom exercise

2 天前
Our night on the town cost us an arm and a leg. This means…
A very cheap
B very expensive
C a bargain
D just over £10

I must have a cat nap! I am so tired! This means…
A a rest
B an essay
C to keep going
D a short sleep taking during the day

The dark horses of the competition Greece, won the European Championships in 2004. This means…
A a person(s) little known to the general public
B a person(s) that suffers from depression
C a person(s) very known to the general public
D a person(s) who is very likely to win a competition

He let the cat out of the bag, and the surprise party wasn’t a surprise after all, This means…
A to tell something that was intended to be said one week in advance
B to tell something that is supposed to be a secret
C to tell something that is extremely rude
D none of the above

How come you never visit us anymore? This means…
A what
B why
C however
D when