Your First 200+ Common French Words – Part I

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Your First 200+ Common French Words – Part I

No effort and no memorization required!

Even if you’re an absolute beginner in French and your English is pretty good, would you believe me if I say that you probably already know more than 200 words in French?

Please look at these words :
- action
- communication
- compétition
- information
- télévision
- transformation

Do you know what these words mean? Well, I think I don’t need to translate!
French and English words ending in -tion come from Latin. Many of the -tion words are identical in French and in English.

Words ending in able
- admirable
- adorable
- comfortable
- sociable
- stable
- table
- vulnérable

Words ending in ible
- accessible
- audible
- flexible
- impossible
- invincible
- invisible
- possible
- visible

Common French words used in English to talk about food and drinks.

- alcool
- apéritif
- bon appétit!
- café
- hors-d’œuvre
- filet mignon
- menu
- omelette
- restaurant
- salade
- soupe
- vinaigrette
Other common French words used in English
- bon voyage!
- bouquet
- bourgeois
- boutique
- chauffeur
- chic
- cliché
- critique
- déjà-vu
- eau de Cologne
- entrepreneur
- fiancé
- genre
- joie de vivre
- souvenir
- toilette

Do you think you can find the meaning of the following words?
In order of difficulty:
1. dîner 2. bleu 3. parfum 4. bœuf 5. dent

See the answers at the end of the page.

To listen the correct pronunciation of each French word, you can visit the following web page: . Type the word you want to listen, then click on the button ECOUTER: next to the French word.

Answers: 1. dinner 2. blue 3. perfume 4. beef 5. tooth (“dent” is found in English words such as dentist, dentistry, dental.)


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