The beauty of language

I know personally for me being forced to learn a new language will make it all the less interesting to learn. No doubt I'm sure many of you feel the same way too, however there is some merit to being thrown into the world of language and developing things you might have never thought you yourself could do. For instance, when I began learning Spanish way back in high school, I had absolutely no interest in it. It was something I chose simply out of chance rather than interest, but that all changed when the class actually began. Learning a language is more than making sure the words are spelt correctly and pronouncing them the right, it's about understanding culture and humans all across the world no matter how we might think of it. Sure, the language part could be the trickiest part for you, but the payoff will be insurmountable. Language is only the first step in starting different journey's all across the world, so we should never let the fear of committing to a language stop us from diving further into everything that comes with the language. It's true for every language, so let us all keep striving towards our goals together!
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Rhonda Coakley
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Scott Parrant