Is it that bad having a foreign accent?

Juan Rico英語
Hi again to everybody!
Today I will like to talk about one thing that most people find quite important and they worry about when they start learning a new language. That is having a foreign accent.
First of all I would like to say that having a foreign accent doesn´t mean having a bad pronunciation, for instance, myself: I pronunciation in English is pretty good but my accent is clearly that of a Spaniard. Am I worried about it? Not at all.
Having a native accent just means that you can be taken for a native. Yes, I know it´s cool but it is really useful? Maybe if you are a spy or you want to play a prank on someone, otherwise it doesn´t matter. We mustn´t be ashamed of the place we come from or the way we speak, we just have to focus on improving our pronunciation and entonation so we can be perfectly understood.
So these were my two cents about native accent. What do you think about it?
See you soon!
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